• on screen reminders

    never miss an insurance renewal date again, on screen reminders for your passport, driving licence, car maintenance etc

  • keep passwords safe

    store passwords, private documents and other personal information safely on your own computer – not on the internet

  • decide who knows what

    give specific trusted friends controlled access to your essential details, so you and your family have all the support you need in an emergency

  • everything in one place

    keep track of all your family information in one convenient location, including things like PPS numbers, driving licence and passport details so its always there when you need it

  • private individual accounts

    each member of the family can have their own separate file. mum and dad can have peace of mind knowing their information is private and yet accessible by the family in an emergency

  • on screen reminders
  • keep passwords safe
  • decide who knows what
  • everything in one place
  • private individual accounts


All your information is stored securely on your PC and can be backed up to USB keys or CDs.

Family Information
Organise your Social Security & Passport numbers, Home Repairs contacts etc. for quick access.

Financial Details
Organise your bank & savings accounts, loans, insurance & shares information.

Last Wishes
Specify all your funeral arrangements, estate planning & last will details.

Important Papers
Scan, store & organise your documents, certificates, passwords & video clips.


Help and Support

Never forget a renewal date again!

ArrangeMyWorld  On Screen Reminders
ArrangeMyWorld  Organise family records
ArrangeMyWorld  Protect financial information
ArrangeMyWorld  Store Passwords Safely
ArrangeMyWorld  Save Important Papers
ArrangeMyWorld  Record your last wishes

Customer Testimonials

"Many thanks for your assistance with my recent technical problem. I am very happy with AMW program and your after sales service"

R Gormley

"Many thanks for your time and patience, your program is excellent, I have recommended it to all my friends"

Ken Cahill

"The most frustrating part of my life was trying to remember a myriad of usernames, passwords & pins"

"Now, I simply step into the vault to access and retrieve them"

David Harrington

"Your program is excellent and you certainly give your clients a top class after sales service"

James Lillis

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Standard Features include:
ArrangeMyWorld  Protected by ASE-256 Security

ArrangeMyWorld  Easy to use

ArrangeMyWorld  Installs on up to 4 computers

ArrangeMyWorld  One-Click back up facility

ArrangeMyWorld  Includes Password Vault

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