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“The support I received from AMW on a technical issue when updating my computer’s operating system was prompt, friendly and efficient. Too many businesses have forgotten the meaning of ‘service’ in customer service, AMW has not…full marks.”
Angela Hanley

“Many thanks for your time and patience, your program is excellent, I have recommended it to all my friends”
Ken Cahill

“Thank you for creating such a wonderful and useful programme”
A. Duffy, Dublin

“As I get older, I realised that I must bring order to my life in order to protect my wife’s and my family’s interests. ArrangeMyWorld is the answer!
Simple to use and if I have a problem there is unbelievable back up. Thanks”
Declan Burke, Cork

“It has brought sanity to my work – I had a load of bits of paper and notes and emails from folk with various account details, passwords and codes on them all driving me nuts when I needed to find them. Now all on Arrangemyworld password vault.”
Pam Robinson, Office Manager

“It is amazingly quick to put your entire life’s valuable information on the system i.e passwords, financial records, reminder of policy maturities etc.”
Angela Tynan, Hi-Start Programme Manager

“Many thanks for your time and patience, your program is excellent and you certainly give your clients a top class after sales service.”
James Lillis, retired

“From the first minute I worked with the programme I was amazed how straightforward it was to enter all my details. No family should be without Arrange My World. A great find.”
Barry Doherty

“The most frustrating part of my life was trying to remember a myriad of usernames, passwords & pins. Now, I simply step into the vault to access and retrieve them. AMW has helped me to repel chaos and maintain order in my life.”
David Harrington, Retired Environmental Scientist

“Before I went in to hospital I phoned my daughter to tell her to check ArrangeMyWorld if anything happened to me”
Ewen, from Cork

“The very act of beginning to do this on Arrangemyworld was a source of considerable relief to both my wife and myself.”
Luke Dempsey BSc. FCCA MBAMIAVI, Financial Controller

“This would be great for my Mum, she is 80 years old and still very independent – I don’t have all her information.”
Sylvia, Wicklow

“I love the idea that the things I used to be worried about – remembering codes, dates, important occasions are now sorted in one place.”
James Mc Morrow, Entrepeneur

“I like the security. It’s convenient for all my files and financial details.”
Cepie Morton, Guest House Proprietor

“I don’t need to worry any more as I and my partner know that everything is in Arrange My World.”
Denise Doran, Marketing Consultant

“It gets all of your information out of boxes and onto your computer.”
Martin Kane, IT Specialist

“ArrangeMyWorld is the answer, everything is in the right place at the right time.”
John Punch, Retired

“It will be useful for keeping information together rather than trying to find it in filing cabinets.”
Niall Martin, 70+